2018, January

Started offering Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality development

2017, January

Pasilobus, Inc re-incorporated by Stripe Atlas.

2016, November

Photolock officially released.

2016, January

Our first application, Photolock, released in beta. Early stages of developing Comity begin!

2015, November

We decide to adapt a distributed team model.

2014, November

Pasilobus, Inc. founded and recognized as Shopify Experts.

2014, Early in the year...

Ugurcan was freelancing under the nickname Pasilobus, traveling and coding his way through!

Going Global

We're a distributed team, meaning that we can be working and replying to your questions anywhere in the world! Our team works in 5 time zones, serving customers from 22 countries.

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20 South Sarah Street
St. Louis, MO 63108

Our Team



CEO, Industrial Engineer & Full Stack Developer
Ugurcan is the founder of Pasilobus. He is managing custom development projects & working with all our clients closely. He spends his nights hacking on Pasilobus' apps. His areas of interest include system optimization, virtual reality & artificial intelligence.

Juan Visbal

Electronics Engineer & Full Stack Developer
Juan joined Pasilobus' global team in 2015 and is working with clients closely on custom development projects and support issues. He is also responsible conducting user experience tests on all software projects.


Industrial Engineer & Project Engineer
Tarkan joined Pasilobus' global team in 2016. He is an expert in supply chain management & project management science, timeline projections and progress tracking. He also works with our clients closely and consults with shipping & fulfillment problems.


Architect, Game & Immersive Reality Designer
Begum has worked on numerous e-commerce system design projects since 2014 as a part of Pasilobus’ global team and currently conducting development projects on virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality applications to create new online shopping experiences.


Illustrator & User Interface Designer
Angga joined Pasilobus' global team in 2017. He is an experienced illustrator & animator and has extensive knowledge on 3D modeling, graphics, user experience & interface design. He is responsible of wireframing, prototyping & digital asset optimization and ensures great user experience on all projects.


Support Engineer & Full Stack Developer
Justin joined Pasilobus' global team in 2018 is working with clients on daily requests and support issues. He is also responsible conducting user experience & responsiveness tests on all software projects.
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